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  • $79.00

    Migrate your data automatically with MigrationPro from PrestaShop to thirty bees. Quick, safe and full migration for an instant.

  • $200.00

    Are you wanting to migrate your shop from PrestaShop 1.6 to thirty bees, latest version? This is a simple straightforward process that we can handle quickly and easily. 

  • $100.00

    We will manually upgrade your site to the latest version of thirty bees.

  • $200.00

    A two-hour support package for thirty bees.

  • $23.00

    This payment module for thirtybees allows merchants to add any kind of fee to the cash on delivery method based on a wide range of conditions, such as carrier, country, currency and more!

  • $49.99

    This module will allow you to quickly privatize your PrestaShop or ThirtyBees store by forcing your customers to login to access your product catalog. This solution is perfect for B2B websites either in mono store or multi shop.

  • $9.99

    This module allows you to secure the contact form of your shop by adding the most simple and effective method to fight against spam, the mathematical resolution! A simple calculation, which everyone understands, is to offer to your visitors.

  • $50.00

    The Braintree Payment module allows you to accept Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and Paypal payments using the Braintree Payment Gateway

  • $79.00

    Migrate your data automatically with MigrationPro from OpenCart to thirty bees. Quick, safe and full migration for an instant.

  • $400.00

    A four-hour support package for thirty bees

  • $12.00

    Chattez avec tes clients via WhatsApp, l'application de messagerie la plus populaire. Module essentiel pour ta boutique, qui te permet de créer des relations plus fortes avec tes clients en les guidant sur leurs achats en temps réel. ******************************************************************************************* Chat with your customers via...

  • $250.00

    Our most popular and highly rated module adds unmatched power and flexibility to the Thirty Bees platform, helping you do things that were not possible before! By default, you are limited around 1000 total combinations. That is not nearly enough for thousands of shops around the world. This is your solution, with many added benefits!

Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items