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  • $23.00

    This payment module for thirtybees allows merchants to add any kind of fee to the cash on delivery method based on a wide range of conditions, such as carrier, country, currency and more!

  • $25.00

    If you need to add new fields to the customer addresses in PrestaShop or ThirtyBees, this module will make your life a lot easier, with its automated process!

  • $9.99

    Notify your Slack channel when a new order is placed or an account is created.

  • $30.00

    The Step Search module for Prestashop helps users to find exactly what they're looking for by guiding them through a chosen number of steps progressively selected

  • $155.00

    A two-hour support package for thirty bees.

  • $300.00

    A four-hour support package for thirty bees

  • $450.00

    A six-hour support package for thirty bees

  • $725.00

    A ten-hour support package for thirty bees

  • $75.00

    Total Thirty Bees shipping flexibility. Charge for shipping based on your customer's Country, State and/or Zip / Postal Code (including ranges), and calculate the cost based on price or weight ranges. Select fixed prices or a % of order total for even greater flexibility, and offer free shipping limits for each rate as well. Works anywhere in the world,...

  • $100.00

    Integrate seamlessly with UPS for real-time shipping rates, label printing, automatic tracking number email generation and more. You can be sure that your customers always pay just the right amount for delivery and you'll save enough time to focus on what really matters. Our highly customizeable and powerful shipping modules provide consistent,...

  • $75.00

    Display your attributes as Radio Button, Checkbox, or DropDown, add group images and descriptions, and control the order of groups and items. Unrivaled flexibility for displaying attribute options to customers.

  • $100.00

    Real time FedEx shipping rates mean your customers never pay too much and you never charge too little. Fully integrated Label Printing and automatic tracking number emails save you time and keep your users happy. Our highly customizable and powerful shipping modules provide consistent, easy-to-use and flexible shipping for any shop, including shipping...

Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items