Genzo Krona

With Krona you get a powerful loyalty / gamification module. It’s very flexible and can be expanded with other modules.


thirty bees compatibility: 1.0.0+

Compatible PHP Versions: 5.6 7 7.1


License: AFL

GDPR Compliant: No

Last Update: 09/02/2022

Developer: Spielezar AG

Developer Location:Switzerland

Why to use Krona?

The strength of this modules is, that other modules can hook in. Do you want to reward, when a customer is writing a review? No problem. Just install revws module by datakick and you can reward this action. Do you want to give points, when a customer has birthday? No problem. Just install slick-303 birthday module.

If you are looking for a simple module, which just rewards when a customer places an order. Then you don’t need this module. Though it’s probably still a good choice. Krona is much more than a basic loyalty system as you will learn on the next sections.

Please note: that Krona is quite a complex module. It was not only complex to code, but it’s also quite complex to set it up, since it fits so much use cases. I recommend to do the following steps after installation:

  1. Go into all Settings tabs and save them first.
  2. Go to Orders and enable/edit your currency.
  3. Import your players, with whichever or both options you want.
  4. Go to Groups and organize those.
  5. Go to Actions and edit/enable the ones you want to use.
  6. Then just setup some Levels and you’re good to go.

Krona has almost unlimited use cases. Here are just a few examples how you could use it.

  • Reward orders and let customers convert loyalty points into coupons.
  • Reward actions (like posting a review) and give them a coupon for it.
  • Reward a customer with a new customer group, when they placed they 3rd order.
  • Publish a leaderboard with the players and motivate them to collect more points.
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