Attribute Wizard Pro

Our most popular and highly rated module adds unmatched power and flexibility to the Thirty Bees platform, helping you do things that were not possible before! By default, you are limited around 1000 total combinations. That is not nearly enough for thousands of shops around the world. This is your solution, with many added benefits!


Compatible with:
thirty bees 1.0.x 1.0.0 1.0.1 1.0.2 1.0.3
thirty bees 1.1.x
PS 1.6.1

GDPR Compliant: No

Last Update: 08/02/2022

Developer: Presto-Changeo

Developer Location:United States

Connected Attributes are now supported in multiple configurations. One approach uses the default PrestaShop combination structure (and default combination generator) alongside this module, and the second approach uses a newly developed combination structure that supports connected attributes and a large number of total attributes. See our demos and screenshots above for more informatiion about these options. 

As in all previous versions, v1.8 of this module lets you completely changes the way attribute combinations are used in PrestaShop.

You can choose to display attributes as Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Down Menus, Textbox, Textarea, File Upload, and Quantity textbox.

Option to set Drop Down menus, Radio Buttons and Image Attributes as Required.

Option to define 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' for Check Box attributes (example: "Select between 2 and 4 of the following options:") to ensure customers select everything needed to fill an order.

Support for attributes in URLs is now available; use URLs to load a page with a pre-selected set of product attributes.

Use attribute layered images to create an interactive and highly visual front office experience, showing your customers what their attributes selections look like in real time. 

Textbox and Textarea attribute types can have a character limit and be mandatory fields (as well as file upload)

You can use an image next to each attribute group and add a description as well (with HTML in the description).

You can use Attribute Color / Texture.

You can have attribute options open in a popup or on the product page.

You can control the order of attribute groups and items, and display multiple options in the same line.

The price impact will be displayed next to each option and will automatically reflect changes.

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