Migrate from X-Cart to thirty bees

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Migrate from X-Cart to thirty bees

Migrate your data automatically with MigrationPro from X-Cart to thirty bees. Quick, safe and full migration for an instant.


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Last Update: 09/02/2022


Developer location:Azerbaijan

About the developer

Migrate X-Cart to thirty bees for an instant! MigrationPro is the best X-Cart to thirty bees migration module that helps you migrate all your data and keep your website always fully up-to-date.

MigrationPro is your best partner! This is thirty bees migration module that helps migrate your X-Cart site to thirty bees quickly and efficiently.


Why MigrationPro?

The most excellent X-Cart to thirty bees migration module;

The most operative X-Cart to thirty bees migration module;

Simple. Software skills are not required;

Safe migration.

Keep customer passwords.


Developed by best and talented programmers with 10+ years of experience on large scale eCommerce projects;

All module files have high-qualified and readable code, very easy for modification, no code line is encrypted;

The migration processed has been fully tested on thirty bees 1.0.x and 1.1.x version


Migration Data are indicated below:


1. Products & categories

    • General info: Name, Status, Description, Product ID, Reference and etc.
    • Product lines and advantages;
    • Shipping settings: Width, height, depth, weight, additional shipping fees, free carriers; Prices: Price (tax excl.), Price (tax incl.), Price per unit (tax excl.), specific prices, taxes settings, etc.
    • SEO settings: Meta title, Meta description, keywords, backlinks, reciprocal links, anchor text and etc.
    • Product customization;
    • Product images and category images: the main image and thumbnail images.


2. Orders

    • General information: order Ref, order ID, order status, prices, etc.;
    • Shipping;
    • Payment;
    • Product schedule;
    • Invoices and terms of delivery;
    • Customer comments, customer messages;
    • Order status;
    • Shopping carts;
    • Credit


3. Customers & employees

    • General information: First name, last name, email, status, profile, language and etc.;
    • Passwords can be saved


4. Discounts & vouchers

    • Cart rules (discount codes);
    • Catalog price rules


5. Taxes

    • Taxes;
    • Taxes groups;
    • Tax rules to apply taxes for products


6. Terms of shipping and carriage

    • General settings: Carrier name, transit time, speed, tracking URL;
    • Shipping locations & costs: Add handling cost status, free shipping status, billing type, shipping tax, out of range behaviour option, price ranges (all zones, all ranges);
    • Size, weight and group access: Maximum package width (cm), Maximum package height (cm), Maximum package depth (cm), Maximum package weight (kg)


7. CMS pages

    • General information: Name, status, content, indexation, crawling status;
    • SEO settings: Meta title, Meta description, keywords, backlinks, reciprocal links, anchor text and etc.
    • CMS categories


8. Customer messages & services

    • Customer messages from contact form;
    • Customer services;
    • Merchandise returns


9. Multi-shop data

    • Shop groups;
    • Shops;
    • All data of each shop (products, categories, customers, orders, etc.)


10.  Localization data

    • Languages;
    • Currencies;
    • Countries;
    • Zones


11. SEO

    • All SEO settings such as Meta title, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, backlinks, reciprocal links and etc. are also migrated from your old shop to the new one. You can keep your high SEO ranking on Google and all other search engines.




While you migrate from X-Cart to thirty bees they migrate simultaneously:

    • Migrate X-Cart 4.x to thirty bees 1.0.x;
    • Migrate X-Cart 5.x to thirty bees 1.0.x;
    • Migrate X-Cart 4.x to thirty bees 1.1.x;
    • Migrate X-Cart 5.x to thirty bees 1.1.x;
    • Migrate/transfer data from many websites into 1;
    • Migration history;
    • Resume/restart migration process anytime you want;
    • Can see the percentage of the migration completion;
    • History clean-up;
    • Migrate multi-shop


Exciting, advanced and sophisticated options for migration:

    • Simple user experience;
    • Fast and secure;
    • Large data-driven;
    • Save passwords as well


Customer care:

    • Customer support;
    • Customer satisfaction;
    • Affordable price;
    • Discounts;
    • Quick and easy setup;
    • Video tutorials


Benefits for customers:

Customers will not even feel that the store has been updated or migrated. Why? Because this module is very fast and brings a desire to customer’s first reaction. They will be more comfortable when shopping on your website because it is up-to-date with new technologies and trends.

New features available on thirty bees latest version will also help facilitate the shopping process for customers, keep them stay on your website and increase your sales.



  1. Install “MigrationPro” module on target shop  (thirty bees)
  2. Install “Connector bridge” module on the source shop
  3. Start migration, wait a few minutes then enjoy the new thirty bees shop with your data and new features 


    • Time is money. If you save your time you’ll save your money!;
    • Get the MigrationPro now and make your life much easier. We offer an error-free migration from PrestaShop to thirty bees;
    • If you like the module, please rate us with 5 stars. We highly evaluate such action that helps promote the module better to other merchants who are in need of this module. Thanks in advance!
    • You can migrate your data easily using our module without any programming knowledge. You wish, we do!

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Migrate from X-Cart to thirty bees

Migrate from X-Cart to thirty bees

Migrate your data automatically with MigrationPro from X-Cart to thirty bees. Quick, safe and full migration for an instant.

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